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🐸 PEPE CULT - Binance's most memeable memecoin has its cult! Permanent FREE BUY TAX!
Have you ever felt like your meme coins just aren't meme-y enough? Like you're missing that certain je ne sais quoi that can only come from a frog with a goofy grin? If so, you're in luck, because Pepe Cult is here to bring the meme back to cryptocurrency!
Pepe Cult is not your average meme coin. It's not some stodgy old Bitcoin clone, or a boring stablecoin that's always trying to blend in. No, Pepe Cult is a meme coin with a difference. It's a frog-shaped middle finger to the establishment, a bold statement that says "we're here, we're meme-y, get used to it".
But Pepe Cult is more than just a pretty face (or an ugly face, depending on your taste). It's a community of like-minded memers who share a love of all things Pepe. And with 0% buy tax and no team tokens, Pepe Cult is putting the power back in the hands of the people (or the frogs, as the case may be).
Of course, we couldn't stop at just being a meme coin. That's too easy. So we've also created a groundbreaking burn mechanism that will send 50% of the total supply to a dead wallet and burn it forever. It's like the ultimate Pepe sacrifice, but with fewer tears and more mooning.
So if you're tired of boring old cryptocurrency, if you're ready for something new, something bold, something that will make you say "what the hell is that thing?", then join us at Pepe Cult. We promise you won't be disappointed (or if you are, you can blame it on the memes).
↳ An attractive 0% Buy TAX
↳ Our Contract is Renounced
↳ No Team Tokens
↳ 50% Supply Burned
↳ Real utility (DAPP Platform, NFTs)
↳ WEB3 Dashboard (Staking, Farming, Swap, Bridge)